Russian Localization

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The Search has been updated today to include Russian localization! This translation was done generously and professionally by Vlad Remezov. This update also includes minor bug fixes.

As always if you spot any issues please let me know.


The Search – Out Now!

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The Search is available now! The game is priced at $3.99.  You can purchase the game on Steam and through the buttons below:

Thanks for your time and attention throughout the development of this game! It's been a labor of love for over two years as I've worked on this all in my spare time. As you explore the worlds in The Search I hope you are able to take away something positive from the experience, whether it is intrigue, inspiration, or just a sense of wonder. I believe that art has the power to speak profound truths and change people's lives for the better.

If you have any questions or feedback please feel free to get in touch with me at

Thanks again!

Release Date & New Trailer!

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Greetings to all! A couple of big announcements to make today. First of all, the release date:


The Search will be released on April 14th!


It will initially be released through Steam and To accompany this there is a new trailer showing off new sights and sounds from the game. The trailer can be viewed below:

I'm also very pleased to announce that The Search will feature voice acting by Cissy Jones! She is well known for her performance in Firewatch as the voice of Delilah. I was so impressed with her performance I approached her soon after that game was released. Cissy has also contributed her voice acting talents to other games such as The Walking Dead and Life is Strange among many others.

Stay tuned for more updates in the coming week!

New Gameplay Trailer

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Here's a new trailer for The Search showing off some gameplay:


In addition, here are some new screenshots to accompany the trailer:

A definite release date has still not been set, but April is the targeted month for release!


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The Search will be getting an option to display clues while you are playing the game. It will be similar to The Room where every so often an option will pop up giving you the chance to sneak a peek at a clue for wherever you might get stuck. This feature wasn’t originally planned, but after a few rounds of playtesting it seems like the game would benefit from having it. Again, this will be an optional feature and can be turned off for those who want a challenge.clues

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